Full Naval Honors by Robert N. Macomber - Final Book in the Honors Series

Full Naval Honors Robert N. Macomber

Florida Book Feature: 

Full Naval Honors by Robert N. Macomber

Name of your book: Full Naval Honors 

Genre: Historical Fiction 

Subgenres: Military History; Maritime History, Thriller.

Author name: Robert N. Macomber 

Author location: SW Florida (still recovering from Hurricane Ian...) 

Publication Date: April 01, 2023 

Awards won: Previous books in the Honor Series have won: Patrick D. Smith Literary Award [2 novels] - FL Historical Society Gold Medal / Popular Fiction - FL Book Awards Silver Medal / Popular Fiction - FL Book Awards W.Y. Boyd Award - American Library Assoc. Silver Medal / Historical Fiction - FAPA [FL Authors & Publishers Assoc.] "2020 Writer of the Year" - FL Writers Assoc. Grand Prize Finalist Short List - Eric Hoffer Award

Publishing company: USNIP [U.S. Naval Institute Press] 

Tell us about your book: The 17th and final installment in the Honor Series is about the life and career of a naval officer Peter Wake, who started out as a junior lieutenant in 1863 Civil War Florida. In this book, Full Naval Honors, he is a rear admiral on special missions for President Theodore Roosevelt and subsequently Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt. After that, the novel covers generations of Wakes in the Navy. First, his son in WWI Russia, then grandsons in the 1941 Pacific and 1943 Atlantic, a great-grandson in 1968 Vietnam and 1990 Middle East, and a great-great-grandchild being commissioned at the USNA in May 2023. Five generations of a family who face the challenges, make the decisions, and accomplish the missions for our nation, at a sometimes-frightful cost. 

What was the inspiration for this book? I wanted to tell the story of the USN in its lesser-known operations during the 20th century. The Great White Fleet in 1907, the naval counter-intelligence work against the Germans in Central America in WWI, the doomed Asiatic Fleet in December 1941, the USN-Cuban Navy against Nazi U-boats in 1943, Admiral Zumwalt's Swift boat coastal-riverine operations in 1968, the CIA's intel efforts in Kuwait before the 1990 invasion, and a 2023 USNA graduation-commissioning with a vital link to the past. 

What is one thing you would like the reader to know about the characters in your book? The generations of Wake family characters have an enduring core value of honor and service, by which they guide their lives, make their decisions, and command their subordinates. 

Were you inspired by any specific Florida location for this book? Most certainly: old town Key West, the old Miami P&O docks, and old town South Tampa. 

Does any part of your setting take place in Florida? Oh yes, there are chapters about Key West in 1919-1920, and the 1920s and 1930s. And the U.S. Navy Submarine Chaser Training Station at Miami in 1943. 

Was there anything special about writing this book? Full Naval Honors is a vivid and emotional read, so get ready to feel love, longing, worry, joy, fear, exhaustion, desperation, grief, determination, amazement, victory, and very deep pride. 

A unique fact about you: I have been to 74 countries and territories, and I enjoy cooking the cuisines from the countries in my books. 

Preferred pronoun: He/him 

Author's social media: https://www.facebook.com/robert.macomber.750 

Author website: https://www.RobertMacomber.com 

Other books by the author: in sequence beginning with the first of the Honor Series:

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Some of the places your book can be purchased: My Ship's Store, at my lecture events, many independent Bookstores in Florida, on Amazon.com, and from my publisher if you are a USNI member. 

Florida book stores:

Copperfish Books (Punta Gorda, FL), Barrel of Books (Mt. Dora, FL), 

Vero Beach Book Center (Vero Beach, FL), 

The BookMark (Neptune Beach, FL)

Who helped you get your book published? My first publisher was Pineapple Press, but they've retired and sold their business to Rowman & Littlefield, so my first 13 novels in the Honor Series are now under R&L's imprint: McBooks Press. My last four in the Honor Series were published by USNIP, and they approached me. I don't have an agent, but my Business Manager, Nancy Glickman is a critical member of my team, not only because she's my wife, but she's extraordinary in her creative versatility, organizational abilities, initiative, insight, and support. I dedicated Full Naval Honors to her.