Fantasy & Paranormal Book: Twenty-Six South Sixth Street by JoAnn LaForte

Paranormal Book Twenty-Six South Sixth Street by Florida author JoAnn LaForte

Florida Author Feature:

Twenty-Six South Sixth Street by JoAnn LaForte 

The author navigates cultural situations which awaken the readers to dreams of past eras. Her story provides glimpses of reality and fragments of imagination, which are so intertwined that the reader can no longer distinguish the difference.

Genre: Fantasy Fiction 

Subgenres: Paranormal Fiction 

Author name: JoAnn LaForte  

Author location: Vero Beach, Florida 

Publication Date: November 26, 2022 

Publishing company: TwoJaysPress LLC (owned by Author & Manager - Joshua A. Young) 

Tell me about your book: My book is a story that advances the concept of reaching out to deceased loved ones not only through the subconscious mind but through an actual, astral-travel journey to their existence in the afterlife which is as real as life on earth itself. 

What was the inspiration for this book? My attendance at a 'blues music revue' at a local venue during Halloween week 2020 where I met an inspiring Jimi Hendrix guitar-playing performer who saw the same thing I did - ghostly apparitions in the second-floor window of the on-site 'haunted' house, and the skeletal prop seated in an Adirondack chair whose eyes appeared so uncannily human, that we had to take a second look before we hurriedly ran away! 

What is one thing you would like the reader to know about your book or one of the characters in your book? The importance of preserving and respecting historical heritage and the beauty and blessing of close friendships, especially those who bestow a positive and inspiring influence on your life. 

Were you inspired by any specific Florida location for this book? Yes - the century-old house located at the 'Terra Fermata' music venue located at 26 SE Sixth Street, Stuart FL. 

Was there anything special about writing this book that you would like to mention? Yes - meeting new and wonderful people and expanding my publishing business to Ironside Press where I met two talented women who edited, formatted, and designed the graphics for my book far beyond my expectations. They've since become cherished friends and were a great help at my first on-site book signing at the venue on February 16, 2023. As seen in the acknowledgments, I have thanked all who made the writing of this story possible. 

A unique fact about you: Well, that's not easy lol - I believe my creative gifts (utilized later in my life) are an outlet and a means to understand my 'dark side'. I spend a lot of time exploring what's going on in my subconscious thinking mind (and that while dreaming/sleeping) but in the real world I am proud to be a loyal, honest, and devoted friend and although my list of the cherished ones is minimal, to those I love and care greatly about, I will always be there for them and eternally grateful for their presence in my life. 

Preferred pronoun: She 

Author social media accounts: JoAnn LaForte on Facebook.

JoAnn LaForte at Fine Art America 

Legalriste (Art in Fashion Design in Canada) 

 Author website: 

Other books by the author: "Love at First Sight: A One-Sided Story" (2016) Sequel is forthcoming any day now - 

"Love at First Sight: Part 2 - The Other Side"

"Why Can't Every Day Be Daddy Day?" by JoAnn LaForte & Joshua A. Young (2022)

List some of the places your book can be purchased: Amazon, Barnes & Noble (online), Walmart (on-line),, and almost every single on-line bookstore worldwide which IngramSparks (our printer) provides service.

Who helped you get your book published? Joshua A. Young, Candace van Doren, Piyi Kalampaliki 

Do you have any Florida editor, agent, cover artist, or publisher that you would like to recommend? Please include website links and social media handles. Candace van Doren (editor/formatting) at Ironside Press in Vero Beach, and Piyi Kalampaliki (graphic designer) former Ironside Press. - Author's own publishing company: TwoJaysPress LLC, Vero Beach FL.