The Beauty in All - Observations by Jose Hess by Jose & Magdalena Hess

The Beauty in All - Observations by Jose Hess by Jose & Magdalena Hess

The Beauty in All - Observations by Jose Hess

Author's name: Jose & Magdalena Hess 

Genres you write in: Non-fiction, artist biography.

Author location: Saint Augustine, Florida 

Are you self-published or traditionally published? Self-published

About the Authors: Jose Hess dedicated the majority of his life to his passion for jewelry design, a journey that stems back to his early teens when he worked as a goldsmith's apprentice. He studied at the Gemological Institute of America and the Mechanics Institute of New York, where he ultimately earned his Jewelry Design Degree. Hess' professional accomplishments include numerous prestigious awards. He served as president of both The Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America, and the was the first American elected-president of the World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO). He is a founding member of the American Jewelry Design Council. Additionally, the designer has shared his wealth of knowledge with students as an instructor at New York's acclaimed Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Magdalena Hess "Maggie" is an award-winning jewelry designer and philanthropist. Her passion for jewelry is an opportunity to tell stories through her designs. With more than four decades in the jewelry industry, she says, “Creating products that are meant to enrich people’s lives is so extraordinarily rewarding.” Educated at the Gemological Institute of America, Magdalena Hess spent most of her career as creative partner at Jose Hess Design working side-by-side with her husband, Jose Hess. She has traveled the world acquiring knowledge about the international jewelry industry. Hess served as Vice President of the Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) where she directed the organization’s annual WJA Awards Gala which recognizes important women in the industry and brings together global leaders to celebrate women’s talent. Today, Magdalena continues to maintain the integrity and quality the Hess brand has become synonymous with while opening it up to a new generation concerned with timeless style.

What would you like readers to know about you or your books? After humble beginnings and a lifetime of achievement in the art of jewelry design America’s Award-Winning Jewelry Designer Jose Hess shares his personal reflections on a life well-lived. The Beauty in All holds universal truths for all of us, now shared and memorialized by life partner and award-winning colleague, Magdalena Hess. 

What was the inspiration for this book? My beautiful husband and his journal was my inspiration, I wanted to share his passion for life. People often ask him, “How do you come about creating your designs, tap into your creative mind, how how how?” Jose Hess often answered, in his simple way, “It’s a flower, it’s the morning rising sun, it’s all love.” But everyone always wanted to hear more. He sat one day and thought of his life’s journeys, his history, his present, and how he viewed and lived this beautiful life. 

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