Florida Books: Fire is the Test of Gold by Elizabeth Randall

Fire is the Test of Gold by Elizabeth Randall

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Fire is the Test of Gold by Elizabeth Randall 

Two men in a flimsy boat disappear at sea, and their absence causes ripples of cataclysmic events that may or may not be related to karmic retribution. 

Genre: Psychological mystery 

Subgenres: Satire 

Any special category: BIPOC, LGQTB+, and neurodivergent characters.

Author name: Elizabeth Randall 

Preferred pronoun: she/her 

Author location: Lake Mary, Fl 

Publication Date: Oct. 2022 

Publishing company: Brother Mockingbird Publishing 

Tell us about your book: Meet Truly, Sara, Jay, Link, Bev and Ruby, just a few of the residents of Lake Ann, Florida, where sex, drugs, and murder set the stage. Just a typical Florida neighborhood. Fire is the Test of Gold is a sexy and suspenseful novel luring the reader into the mysteries of New Orleans voodoo to the volcanic islands of Hawaii where the characters, scarred from the past, are willing to do anything for a better future. Through a bizarre twist of fate, an unexpected truth is delivered. 

What was the inspiration for this book? An article in the newspaper. 

What is one thing you would like the reader to know about your book? Link, the pragmatic poet, is my favorite character.  

Were you inspired by any specific Florida location for this book? Central Florida and the southeast coast. 

Does any part of your setting take place in Florida? Yes, most of it. 

All of my books are about Florida. An Ocklawaha River Odyssey is about an ancient winding river inn Putman and Marion counties. 

What was special about writing this book? It's my first published novel. A unique fact about you: My husband I are huge fans of Robert Wyland, the artist. We visit his Whaling Walls every chance we get. I started a Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/385032883107671

Author social media accounts: https://www.facebook.com/elizabethrandallauthor/ tiktok.com/@elizabethrandallauthor 

Author website: www.elizabethrandallauthor.com

Fire is the Test of Gold by Elizabeth Randall

Buy Elizabeth Randall's books: Amazon and on her Author website

Fire Is the Test of Gold and Past and Present Orlando can be purchased at the Altamonte Springs Barnes and Noble. Murder in St. Augustine and Haunted St. Augustine can be purchased at the St Augustine Barnes and Noble. 

Do you have any Florida editor, agent, cover artist, or publisher that you would like to recommend? Melissa Carigee was my editor at Brother Mockingbird Publishing and I think she did more for my book than any editor I had in the past. www.brothermockingbird.net