Just Jake Series by Jake Marcionette - Youngest NYT Bestselling Author


Just Jake Series by Jake Marcionette

Florida Book Feature:

Name of book: Just Jake series

Author name: Jake Marcionette

Genre: Children's Fiction Tween Books

Reader age group: 9 - 12 

Author location: Currently New York, but at the time of publishing Jake Marcionette lived in Ponte Vedra, Florida

Author social media: https://twitter.com/jakemarcionette

Publication year: 2014 (Just Jake #1)

About the book:

Sixth-grader Jake Mathews' life is turned upside down when his family moves from Florida to Maryland, where Jake must adapt to a new school. Jake has always ranked the kids at school in his hand-made, humorous “Kid Cards,” and when he arrives at his new school, Jake starts building a new collection, befriending as many people as he can while staying under the radar from the school bully. Then the school bully decides that Jake is going to be his next target. 

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap

Unique book fact: Jake Marcionette, a local author from Ponte Vedra, currently a New York resident, was the youngest New York Times Best Selling author, publishing his first book "Just Jake" at the age of 12. 

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Buy the book: You can buy the Just Jake series by Jake Marcionette on Amazon.