Emma's House of Sound by MJ Hayes

emma's house of sound by mj hayes

Florida Book Feature:

Name of book: Emma's House of Sound

Author name: Mary Jane Hayes

Genre: Children's Fiction Books

Reader age group: Ages 6 - 9

Author location: St. Augustine, Florida

Publication year: 2009

Book awards: Emma’s House of Sound was a State of the Arts recipient (SOTA)

About the book:

It is the first day of school and Emma is scared. She wonders if the kids will like her or make fun of her because she is deaf. Emma loves music, and she creates concerts in her mind.

Publisher: St. Augustine Press

Author social media: MJ Hayes on Instagram a Mary Jane Hayes on Facebook

Author website: Mary Jane Hayes author page

Buy the book: You can buy Emma's House of Sound on the author's page or on Amazon.com.