Emma's Freaky Sneakers by MJ Hayes

 Emma's Freaky Sneakers MJ Hayes


Florida Book Feature:

Name of book: Emma's Freaky Sneakers 

Author name: Mary Jane Hayes

Genre: Children's Fiction Books

Reader age group: Ages 6 - 9

Author location: St. Augustine, Florida

Publication year: 2010

About the book:

"Emma may have been born deaf, but she doesn't let that stop her from living a normal life. In this second book in the Emma series, eight-year-old Emma once again encounters prejudice and bullying from her hearing classmates. But Emma's Magic Closet has the answer." Amazon

Publisher: St. Augustine Press

Author social media: MJ Hayes on Instagram a Mary Jane Hayes on Facebook

Author website: Mary Jane Hayes author page

Buy the book: You can buy Emma's Freaky Sneakers on the author's page, on Amazon.com.