Book Reviewers Needed

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What would authors be without readers? Authors and book lovers need each other and supporting one another is essential for the contentment and success of both. That is why you, dear book blogger, book reviewer, booktokker, and bookstagrammer, are needed here at Florida Authors and Book Lovers.

  • I am currently offering five free Florida Book Lovers feature posts. This is for any Florida book lover with a social media bookish account, bookstagram account, or a book review blogger account. 
  • I am also looking for book lovers from across the world to do mini-reviews in exchange for a link back and brief introduction. 

While this website is geared towards featuring Florida books and Florida authors, I want to include book lovers from across the world. 

In exchange for linking to your social media accounts and/or website and sharing a brief description of your book account, I ask that you give me a mini-book review of a Florida book that I can add to a Florida book feature. I am asking for a minimum of 3 sentences about the book. So, if you have already reviewed a book by a Florida author you think I should feature, send me a message, or find a book I haven't featured and send an email to let me know.